Ecommerce is the leading online shop of women’s underwear in Ukraine. The goal was to increase the number of orders while keeping ROMI the same.

Tasks to achieve the goal


Google Ads
Google Display Network
Google Analytics
Google Data Studio
Google Tag Manager

Main activities

The activities I have done helped to achieve the set goal and increase the number of orders. I have tried different activities from modifying campaign structure to remarketing that brought positive results.

  • Changing the structure of campaigns
  • Changing the structure of ad groups
  • A/B testing of ads
  • Strategy development and segmentation of Google Shopping
  • Remarketing segmentation

Key achievements

The activities helped to increase the number of orders by 2500%/month during the entire period of work.
Also, the number of orders every month increased by 20-50%.

  • Development of the PPC strategy for projects
  • 2018 - implementation of KPI by 110%
  • 2019 - implementation of KPI by 105%
  • 2020 - implementation of KPI by 146%
  • 2021 - implementation of KPI by 117%


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