GoMage is a B2B company specializing in developing turnkey e-commerce solutions on the Magento platform. The objective was to increase the number of qualified B2B leads with no previous track record of generating prospects from context ads.

Tasks to achieve the goal


Google Ads
google display
Twitter Ads
Bing Ads
Facebook Ads
Google Analytics
Google Data Studio

Main activities

My activities showed effectiveness by increasing the number of qualified leads. To achieve this result, I have done a variety of activities from A/B ad testing to changing ad group structure.

  • Changing the structure of campaigns
  • Changing the structure of ad groups
  • A/B testing of ads
  • Strategy development and segmentation of Google Shopping
  • Remarketing segmentation

Key achievements

The activities I have done brought increased KPI from 90% in 2018 to 148% in 2021.

  • Development of the PPC strategy for projects
  • 2018 - implementation of KPI by 90%
  • 2019 - implementation of KPI by 120%
  • 2020 - implementation of KPI by 135%
  • 2021 - implementation of KPI by 148%


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