NAGA is all-in-one trading platform for crypto, stocks, and forex tools. My objective was to increase the number of new customers (first deposits) to amplify the market presence.

Tasks to achieve the goal


Google Ads
Bing Ads
Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager
Google BigQuery

Main activities

The activities I have done were a part of the developed strategy. Cross-channel analytics and remarketing helped me increase paid traffic.

  • Development of paid traffic strategy
  • Development and segmentation of search campaigns
  • Creating a cross-channel media advertising structure
  • Creation of cross-channel remarketing through the funnel
  • Development of multi-channel analytics

Key achievements

The number of leads and deposits from paid traffic increases every month by 10-15%, excluding seasonal changes.

  • Development of the PPC strategy for projects
  • 2018 - implementation of KPI by 103%
  • 2019 - implementation of KPI by 115%
  • 2020 - implementation of KPI by 117%
  • 2021 - implementation of KPI by 144%


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