SAAS is a B2B affiliate marketing software. My goal was to develop a context strategy and increase the number of SAAS subscriptions.

Tasks to achieve the goal


Google Ads
google display
Bing Ads
Google Analytics 4
Google Tag Manager
Google data Studio

Main activities

The activities I performed had a profound scope and helped to reach the set goal. There were analytical activities, such as the development search campaigns and more practical ones, such as testing social media cold segments.

  • Development of paid traffic strategy
  • Development and segmentation of search campaigns
  • Creation of cross-channel remarketing
  • A/B ad testing
  • Testing of LinkedIn, Quora, Twitter, Google Ads cold segments
  • Cross-channel analytics of dense traffic
  • Creating a structure of lead forms

Key achievements

By implementing this strategy, monthly leads increased by 70% and our cost decreased by 33%.

  • Development of the PPC strategy for projects
  • 2018 - implementation of KPI by 84%
  • 2019 - implementation of KPI by 110%
  • 2020 - implementation of KPI by 98%
  • 2021 - implementation of KPI by 132%


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